Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Tuesday 13 October 2015 10.00 am

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Contact: Jane Cleaver 

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Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest.


No declarations of interest were made.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 80 KB

To note and agree the minutes from the committee meeting on 3 July 2015 (minutes attached).





That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 July 2015 be approved as a correct record.


Outline Business Plan 2016 - 19 pdf icon PDF 125 KB


To consider a report which sets out key areas for potential inclusion in the next iteration of the Committee’s Business Plan covering the period

2016 – 19.

Additional documents:



A report detailing possible key areas for inclusion in the next iteration of the Business Plan was introduced by Steve Read, Head of Service. 


Additional areas suggested for inclusion were:


·         Working with supermarkets to both reduce packaging and increase the scope of bring sites


·         Repair for re-use as well as recycling of electrical goods


·         What could be done to encourage holiday let users to participate in recycling schemes.


Having noted the areas to be considered the Committee






  1. Approval is given to the broad approach and proposed priority areas for inclusion in the Business Plan 2016-19 as set out in the report.


  1. An informal non-decision workshop be convened in November to further discuss progress on key action areas, along with the formulation of the plan and associated resource implications.


  1. The Draft Business Plan be approved at the Committee’s meeting in December 2015.





To consider the attached report which details the best fit waste and recycling service design option, taking into account the results of the recent consultation with Forest of Dean residents, to divert more waste from landfill and increase recycling at the best possible price acknowledging the financial pressures that Forest of Dean District Council (FODDC) is under.



The Committee noted the proposals for the re-designed waste and recycling service for the Forest of Dean.


In response to questions Rachel Capon, confirmed that there were areas where the collection from the kerbside did sometimes have a detrimental affect on the smooth flow of traffic but it was hoped that the use of smaller vehicles and avoiding the rush-hour travel times in areas where particular difficulties had been reported would help to reduce this problem.


Members welcomed the aims of this re-design and






The proposed change to the FODDC collection service to include:

                              I.        Weekly food waste service, fortnightly residual waste and fortnightly chargeable garden waste as is and:

                            II.        A move from fortnightly kerbside sort dry recycling (glass, cans, paper, aerosols and batteries) to weekly kerbside sort dry recycling with the addition of plastic bottles, cardboard, small Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and textiles collections.

                           III.        The removal of the large bulk carrier plastic and cardboard recycling banks as these materials will now be collected at kerbside.

                          IV.        The retention of the 37 recycling bank sites which service properties unable to use the kerbside service.

is endorsed and that this information is given to the Forest of Dean District Council



Bin Stickering Project


To receive a verbal update report on the Bin Stickering Project.



A verbal update on the progress of the Bin Stickering Project was received by the Committee.


The majority of the areas covered had been successful and a response in the methods used by residents for waste disposal had been noticed.  However there were areas in both Cheltenham and Gloucester where, for a variety of reasons, the initial stickering exercise had not been completed successfully.  Arrangements had been made for these areas to be re-done.


Cllr Coleman, Cheltenham Borough Council, expressed his concern that not only had there been issues with the delivery of the stickers by bin-crews in his area of Cheltenham, in his view the problems had been compounded by the lack of a tie-in to the local council from the publicity material used which had only referred to the Joint Waste Committee/Team.  This had meant that residents did not see a clear connection with the provision of local services.


The Chairman acknowledged that there were lessons to be learnt from the roll-out of this project which could inform initiatives in the future.  It was important to involve both the local lead member and the Joint Committee.




That the report is noted


Waste Transfer Options pdf icon PDF 88 KB


To note the attached report which explains the work that is being carried out to find the most sustainable method of delivering residual waste to Javelin Park.



The Committee noted the work under way to ascertain the most sustainable method of delivering residual waste to the Javelin Park site.


The report also explained the rationale behind the need for formal assurances to be given to the District councils (as collection authorities) that the County Council as the waste disposal authority would cover reasonable additional costs incurred for the delivery of residual waste to this site when it becomes operational.




That the report be noted.


Low Performing Areas; Helping Residents to Recycle More pdf icon PDF 116 KB


To consider the attached report which suggests a proposal to help residents, in areas with excess residual waste and low recycling rates, to recycle more.



Consideration was given to a proposal to help residents, in areas where low recycling rates lead to high amounts of residual waste being collected, increase their recycling rates.


Although generally supportive of the proposed initiative in principle, some Members expressed concern about the inspection of bin contents as part of the process as outlined in para 2.6.1 of the report.  Cllr Coleman asked for his opposition to this practice to be formally recorded in the minutes.


Concern was also expressed over the amount of staff resources this initiative would require and the point was emphasised that, in several district areas, these resources would not be available to support this project even on an occasional basis.


However the Committee noted that the experience in Gloucester City in adopting this approach had been very positive since it had been specifically targeted at the low performing areas only.  The impact in these areas had been significant so the initiative would continue in Gloucester City on an area by area basis.   The Head of Service acknowledged that the report could have emphasised this more clearly but, mirroring the Gloucester experience, confirmed that inspection of bin contents was only proposed in instances where members of the public had invited it as part of doorstep conversations to help clarify what materials could be recycled.


Following further discussion, Members agreed that by amending the resolution to remove the request for support for staff resources to be provided by each authority, and emphasising that the approach taken would be tailored for each area, the Committee could confirm its support. 


The Committee therefore




That the Committee


a.    Approved the initial work in the Forest of Dean and Cotswold District areas, as outlined in section 2 of the report, and agreed to the extension of the programme into other areas of Gloucestershire, tailored to the individual districts’ needs as required.


b.    Endorses and ensures the consistent application of side-waste, closed lid, and extra bin policies in order that the work can be undertaken effectively.



Performance Report 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 127 KB

To receive the Performance Report for 2015/16.



Information on the performance for the first 5 months of the current financial year was considered by the Committee.


Although somewhat disappointing in local terms that the performance seemed to be stuck on the ‘plateau’, Members were advised that Gloucestershire’s performance still compared favourably at a national level.




That the report be noted.


Joint Waste Team Action Plan 2015 - 18 pdf icon PDF 112 KB


To receive an update on the progress to date on the Joint Waste Team Action Plan 2015 – 18.





That the progress to date (October 2015) on the Joint Waste Team Action Plan 2015-18 be noted.


Service Updates


To receive a report on current initiatives in the Gloucester City and Stroud District areas.



The Committee received a briefing paper from the Joint Waste Team on several partner initiatives.


Members were informed that the additional initiatives undertaken during Gloucester’s hosting of the World Cup rugby matches had been successful in reducing the anticipated additional waste arising.  Renewals for the Garden Waste Collection service in the city had also increased in reaction to a freezing of the price.


The progress made with Stroud District’s change of contractor and service model in 2016 was also noted.




That the report be noted.


Management Accounts Final Outturn Report 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 137 KB


To consider the attached report which sets out the financial performance of the individual authorities within the Joint Waste Committee against their approved annual budget, gives the final outturn for the financial year 2014/15, and details the combined position across authorities.





That the report be noted.


Management Accounts Monitoring Report 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 153 KB


To discuss the attached report which sets out the financial performance of the individual authorities within the Joint Waste Committee against their approved annual budgets for the first five months of the current financial year, together with the combined position across authorities.



The Committee expressed the hope that the current forecast overspend (0.84%) could be maintained and if possible reduced.




That the report be noted.


Future meetings


To note the following agreed meetings for 2015 and 2016:


15 December


23 Feb

19 April

21 June

4 October

6 December


All meetings to start at 10am.










That the following agreed meetings for 2015 and 2016 are noted with the start time being 10am unless indicated otherwise:


15 December (2pm start)

23 Feb (2pm start)

19 April

21 June

4 October

6 December