Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Thursday 19 December 2013 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Shire Hall, Gloucester. View directions

Contact: Jo Moore 

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Welcome and introductions

The Chairman to welcome everyone to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. 



To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Cllr Stan Waddington (Gloucestershire County Council).


Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest.


There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 81 KB

To note and agree the minutes (including any actions) from the committee meeting on 31 July 2013. (Minutes attached).


The minutes of the Joint Waste Committee meeting held on 31 July 2013 were agreed and signed as an accurate record of that meeting.

Members also noted the comments made during the informal discussion on 22 October 2013. (Members were reminded that, in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee Inter Authority Agreement, it had been necessary to cancel the Joint Waste Committee meeting on 22 October 2013 due to failing to reach the required quorum for the meeting). Cllr David Fowles, (Cotswold District Council), apologised that he had been unable to attend the meeting as he had been unexpectedly diverted due to work pressures on the day and had not had time to arrange a substitute.


Draft Press and Publicity Protocol pdf icon PDF 55 KB

To adopt the Draft Press and Publicity Protocol. (Document attached).

Additional documents:


Head of Service, Steve Read, presented the Draft Press and Publicity Protocol that had been considered as part of the informal committee discussion on 22 October 2013. Outlining the main revisions to the document, the Head of Service said that the discussion had been a useful preview on how the Joint Waste Committee, through the Joint Waste Team and Administering Authority’s Press Team, could best administer its communications with the press, media and public. 


Drawing on the comments that had been made at the earlier Gloucestershire Waste Partnership meeting, it was suggested that the document make references to ‘participating’ and ‘non-participating members’ rather than making references to individual authorities by name. It was also suggested that a review of the position of the non-participating authorities be considered at each Annual General Meeting.


The protocol was adopted, subject to the amendments suggested at the meeting.


Overview of Severe Weather Arrangements pdf icon PDF 87 KB

To consider the contingency arrangements introduced by the Joint Waste Committee to address the impact of severe weather conditions, (and any other disruptions), on residual and food waste collections. (Document attached).


Members recalled the information that had been circulated as part of the informal discussion in October, advising them of the arrangements that had been put in place by each authority to address severe weather conditions. Those members speaking at the meeting felt that the exercise had been useful, particularly when considering some of the challenges that might be experienced in forthcoming months. In noting the information, the committee made the following observations: -


a)    The need to communicate with Gloucestershire Highways when responding to adverse weather conditions; 


b)    Greater consideration to be given to the condition and accessibility of roads in rural areas;


c)    The importance of community participation, and the need to relay this message to parish councils;


d)    The impact of flooding to form part of the arrangements;


e)    The need to implement the arrangements based on safety considerations;

The principle of the exercise was well received with several members welcoming the commonality of the arrangements. One member requested information on the use and accessibility of grit bins, whilst another member suggested the creation of an emergency collection policy. The comments were noted, followed by a suggestion that the arrangements be reviewed again in the New Year.


Action – to review the arrangements for service collections in adverse weather conditions in the New Year


Member and Public Questions Protocol pdf icon PDF 60 KB

To consider the Draft Protocol for Member and Public Questions at Joint Waste Committee Meetings. (Document attached).

Additional documents:


At the County Constitution Committee meeting on 7 October 2013, a request was made for the Joint Waste Committee to consider public and elected member questions at future meetings. This request was later reinforced by questions at the County Council’s Cabinet meeting on 23 October 2013, enquiring into the arrangements for considering public and member questions at Joint Waste Committee meetings.


Based on the principles of considering questions at the cabinet meetings of the administering authority, (Gloucestershire County Council), a draft protocol was circulated with the agenda, seeking formal adoption on the process for asking questions at Joint Waste Committee meetings.


In considering the draft protocol, the following comments were made: -


a)    The process for asking questions at committee meetings was accepted in principle;


b)    Members reiterated the importance of managing the time allowed for considering questions at meetings;


c)    All questions, including supplementary questions, to relate to items on the agenda;


d)    The protocol to be subject to local enhancements, and at the discretion of the Committee Chairman.


Noting the recommendations from the Gloucestershire County Council’s Constitution Committee meeting on 7 October 2013, the Joint Waste Committee: -  


Adopted the Member and Public Question Protocol, subject to the comments made at the meeting.


Outline Draft Business Plan pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To consider the Draft Business Plan. (Document attached).

Additional documents:


Head of Service, Steve Read, presented the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee Draft Business Plan for the period 2014-17. In presenting the report, the Head of Service said that the purpose of the business plan was to provide a mandate for the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee partners, (Cheltenham Borough Council; Cotswold District Council; Forest of Dean District Council and Gloucestershire County Council), from which to make decisions in accordance with set governance and budgetary principles, without having to consult the partner authorities individually over every single non-key decision.


Highlighting key points and priorities, the Head of Service advised members that it was important to look at ways in which the committee could take the business plan forward, including considering alternative waste disposal options to landfill should the appeal against the decision to refuse planning application for the energy to waste incinerator at Javelin Park, Haresfield be unsuccessful. The committee was informed that the County Council had set up a task and finish group, known as the ‘Residual Waste Working Group’, to look at contingency plans should this be the case. Officers from the Joint Waste Team had been asked to support this process.


In noting the business plan, members were informed that, if accepted by the committee, a full version of the plan would be produced for dissemination purposes by individual authorities. Whilst some members believed it was important to seek the sign off of the plan through their cabinet or other decision making bodies, other members recalled that each authority had authorised their Joint Waste Committee Members to approve the plan, (there being no formal requirement for consultation within the Inter Authority Agreement). It was therefore suggested that it be left to the discretion of each partner as to whether they wished to consider the draft plan.


With this in mind, it was agreed to note the business plan, with any comments, questions or concerns from partners to be fed back to the Joint Waste Team for consideration before final adoption by the Joint Waste Committee at the next meeting. 


Dates of Future Meetings

Tuesday 11 February 2014 at 11.00 am


Tuesday 1 April 2014 at 11.00 am


Tuesday 10 June 2014 at 11.00 am


11 February 2014

17 April 2014

10 June 2014