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Council Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2022/23 - 2025/26

Meeting: 26/01/2022 - Cabinet (Item 5)

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To recommend the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), Council Strategy, Revenue and Capital Budget 2022/23 and Precept to Council.


Supporting documents:


Appendix 1 Council Strategy

Appendix 2 Medium Term Financial Strategy

Appendix 3 Budget Consultation Report (TO FOLLOW - There is an interim report on the consultation in Section 2. (Information Gathering) of the EqIA)

Appendix 4 Corporate Overview and Scrutiny minutes (6 January 2022)

Appendix 5 Equality Impact Assessment (see separate pack)


The decision to take into account the outcomes of the recent formal budget consultation and feedback from Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Cllr Phil Awford (Chair of Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee) to present the Scrutiny Committee’s observations.



Additional documents:


Cllr Mark Hawthorne and Cllr Lynden Stowe asked Cabinet to recommend the MTFS, Council Strategy, 2022/23 budget and Precept to Council.


Having considered all of the information. Cabinet noted the report and




1. Consider the outcome of the budget consultation as set out in Appendix 3

and the report from the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee (COSC)

in Appendix 4.


2. Approve the Council Strategy 2022-2026 - Building Back Better in Gloucestershire for recommendation to County Council (Appendix 1).


3. Approve changes to the draft budget and to approve the MTFS and final revenue and capital budget for 2022/23 for recommendation to County Council, including all of the proposals set out in the annexes of the detailed MTFS (Appendix 2).


4. Note the schools funding allocations, the provisional local government finance settlement and forecast reserve movements as summarised in this report and set out in the MTFS.


5. Recommend to Council a revenue budget of £520.268 million, a band D council tax of £1,451.36 and consequential precepts on District Councils.


6. Note the Capital Strategy and Treasury Management Strategy & Investment Strategy as set out in Annexes 7 & 10 of the detailed MTFS.


7. Approve the Risk Management Policy Statement & Strategy 2022-25 as set out in Annex 11 of the detailed MTFS for recommendation to County Council.


Cllr Mark Hawthorne and Cllr Lynden Stowe asked Cabinet to recommend the MTFS, Council Strategy, 2022/23 budget and Precept to Council.


Cllr Lynden Stowe outlined that the MTFS document (Appendix 2) covered a four year period but focussed on the financial investment in services needed in 2022/23 to deliver the objectives of the Council Strategy.


The draft budget for 2022/23 outlined how the council proposed to spend £520 million – an increase of over £37 million from the current year. Thanks to a good financial settlement from central government this additional investment could be delivered with only a 1.99% Council Tax increase plus an additional 1% Adult Social Care Precept. This amounted to less than 81p per week for a Band D household. This would ensure that GCC continued to have one of the lowest Council Tax levels when compared to other County Councils.


The draft budget proposed significant investment in key areas;

-       Over £13 million extra investment in Adult Services

-       An additional £14 million for Children Services

-       A £2 million investment in our Fire and Rescue Service

-       An additional £2m permanently allocated to Highways Local projects and Pothole repairs

-       Creation of a £1 million pa Climate Emergency Fund.

-       An additional £8 million invested in Environment and Infrastructure


In addition, the MTFS detailed a further £142 million of new capital investment – which meant that the Council now had a capital programme of £996 million – almost a billion pounds.


It was emphasised that much of the spend was focussed on addressing Climate Change and it was embedded throughout the budget.


Members were alerted to the Equality Impact Assessment which accompanied the report and the budget and strategy consultation report.


Cllr Phil Awford, Chair of Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee thanked the Cabinet members for engaging with scrutiny during this process and for attending the meeting on 6 January 2022. He also thanked all scrutiny members for their comments and input to make the meeting a real success.  Scrutiny’s feedback had resulted in the following changes to the strategy:



·         Making clear that the commitment to Highways includes a new policy on road safety


·         Emphasising that the Council’s ambition for investment extends beyond the STEP fusion project to other opportunities including Cyber Central.


·         Clarifying the commitment to growing green jobs and skills


·          Underlining the fact that the strategy will deliver equally for rural and urban areas.


The Leader thanked Scrutiny for their comments and noted that the strategy had been amended to incorporate that. It was noted that the Fire and Rescue Service budget was considered separately by the Fire Scrutiny Committee.


Cllr Mark Hawthorne introduced the Council Strategy that set out the priorities and ambitions for the Council and the County.  It was a key document that would determine where the Council put its resources and focussed its efforts over the next four years.   In particular it set out how the Council would deliver the commitments it had made.


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