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Revenue & Capital Expenditure Outturn Report 2019-20

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Decision status: Information Only

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Cabinet received an update on the council’s outturn expenditure for 2019/20 and considered changes and commendations to the Capital Programme.


Having considered all of the information, including known proposals, alternative options and reasons for recommendations, Cabinet noted the report and,




1)    Note the overall 2019/2020 revenue budget underspend of £0.326

million and approve the following transfers: -


1.1 Transfer of £0.011 million to the Vulnerable Adults Reserve to use  on 2020/21 projects and investments to supports the Adult Single Programme;


1.2 Provision of £1.575 million (being £1.050 million in Adults and £0.525 million in Prevention and Wellbeing) for refunds to service users where income was incorrectly collected from current and former residents receiving S117 ‘after care’;


1.3 Provision of £0.456 million for backdated reimbursements to Shared Lives Carers in respect of Utility payments;


1.4 Carry forward of £0.151 million to 2020/21 to complete two year projects within Children’s Services which were originally funded by additional “one off” budget allocations in 2017/18. The initial start of these projects was delayed.


1.5 Transfer of £0.352 million from the Active Communities Reserve.


1.6 Revenue transfer of £1.433 million to the Strategic Waste Reserve to fund the EFW (Energy from Waste) smoothing requirement;.


1.7 Revenue transfer of £0.393 million to the EE&I Reserve for the carry forward of Highways Local funding;


1.8 Revenue transfer £0.015 million of the surplus generated by Traded Services to the Traded Services Reserve;


1.9 Revenue transfer to the Transformation Reserve from Corporate Resources for the carry forward of £0.115 million to fund GDPR compliance initiatives.


1.10 Revenue transfer to the Transformation Reserve from Corporate Resources for the carry forward of £0.206 million to fund on going Covid-19 commitments.


1.11 Transfer £0.759 million to the Business Rates Retention Reserve in relation to the GCC share of the additional surplus on the 2019/20 Business Rates Pool. In addition, to approve a transfer of £0.948 million to the Strategic Economic Development Fund also as a result of the Business Rates Pool;


1.12 Other technical reserve movements for 2019/20, as set out in Annex 1


2. Note delivery of the £14.492 million of savings against a target of £19.051 million in 2019/20 or 76.1%.


3. Note the capital budget position for 2019/20 is £88.461 million against a budget of £110.950 million, giving in year slippage of £22.489 million.


4. Changes to the Capital Programme totalling a net decrease of £1.187 million for 2019/20 and future years made up of:-


4.1. £0.055 million increase for Children and Families schemes funded by a transfer from the AMPS programme and a revenue contribution from AMPS.


4.2. £2.107 million net decrease in the Highway Capital programme  reflecting a £2.950 million decreased in the capital receipts approval required for the LED replacement scheme, and additional funding of £0.618 million of developer and third party contributions and Highways Locals revenue contributions of £0.225 million.


4.3. £0.201 million increase in the Libraries capital budget funded from developer contributions


4.4. £0.039 million increase in the Trading Standards capital budget funded from a revenue contribution


4.5. £0.131 million increase in property works before sale, funded from capital receipts.


4.6. £0.025 million decrease in the AMPS capital budget, relating to the transfer to the Children & Families capital programme.


4.7. £0.519 million increase in the ICT capital budget funded from a revenue contribution.

Report author: Cllr Lynden Stowe

Publication date: 17/06/2020

Date of decision: 17/06/2020

Decided at meeting: 17/06/2020 - Cabinet

Effective from: 25/06/2020

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