Meeting documents

Safety and Licensing Committee
Friday 27 May 2005

Date of meeting: 27 May 2005
Document type: Minutes
Committee: Safety and Licensing Panel
Attendees: Gary Phipps P Albert Cook P Mike Skinner P Brian Large P Robert Vines P Anthony Lynch P*
Title: Minutes

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MINUTES of a meeting of the Regulatory Board, Safety and Licensing Panel, held on Thursday 27th May 2004, at Shire Hall, Gloucester.


Sybil Bruce A Gary Phipps P
Albert Cook P Mike Skinner P
Brian Large P Robert Vines P
Anthony Lynch P*

P= Present, A = Apologies\Absence, S = Substitute, * = Chairperson

Also present were Mr Gareth Bolam, Applicant, Mr Martyn Simes, Health and Safety Executive, Mr Brian Heaney, Head of Risk and Planning – Fire and Rescue Service and Mrs Bridgette Boucher, Mrs Dawn Evans and Mrs Linda Love, Legal and Democratic Services.

1. CHAIRPERSON – Councillor Lynch was appointed as Chairperson.


THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 1st July 2003 be approved as a correct record.

3. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Bruce.

4. PUBLIC QUESTIONS – No public questions were received.

5. MEMBERS QUESTIONS – No members questions were received.

6. APPLICATION FOR ASSENT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN EXPLOSIVES MAGAZINE AT BURY COURT FARM, REDMARLEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. – The Chairperson explained the procedure for the meeting. The Panel received the report of the Head of Legal and Democratic Services and a paper explaining the remit of the Panel (copy attached to signed copy of the minutes). The Chairperson confirmed that the Panel had a site visit prior to the meeting.

It was confirmed that the maximum amount of explosives of hazard type 4 which would be allowed under the licence to be stored would be 12000kg.

Mr Bolam explained that MSA Fireworks was a wholesaler of category 3 fireworks. The company supplied to a limited customer base. The fireworks were packaged and imported directly from a sole manufacturer in China. All products complied with BS.7114:PART 2:1998. The HSE had undertaken a site visit. The company were proposing to widen the entrance to the site, build a suitable road to the storage area and build suitable bases to hold three storage containers. The facility would conform to HSE recommendations. An existing pond would provide access to water in cases of emergency. Specialist hauliers would be responsible for transfer of the product to the site. The product would immediately be transferred to the storage containers. There would be no access to the site after 5pm.

Members raised a number of questions concerning fire precautions.

It was explained that the fireworks would burn themselves out within the containers. Based on UN classification of explosives, if the fireworks were set off they would project 54 metres. The nearest farmhouse was 95 metres away.

It was explained by the applicant that use of the site would be over a three week period but it was noted that if the licence was approved it would be a continual licence with permitted unlimited use of the site.

The HSE would be responsible for enforcing the conditions of the licence.

The Police had been consulted on security at the site and were content for the licence to be granted provided certain conditions that they had recommended were met.

An agent was employed in China to ensure the safe packing and quality of the fireworks.

The HSE stated that although unpacking of the lorry would take place in the yard and not on the proposed licence site, as long as the transfer to the licence site was immediate the yard would not form part of the licence site.

The applicant was still awaiting a work methods statement from a consultant. The panel was concerned that they would not see a copy of the statement prior to considering assent. The HSE would ensure the statement was adhered to once the operations were in place.

The Panel was informed that the entrance gate to the site would be padlocked.

The Panel felt that appropriate storage should be provided for identified damaged stock.

Cllr Phipps stated that although he knew the owner of the land on which the site was located this would not affect his consideration of the decision.

Messrs Bolam, Simes and Heaney left the meeting whilst the Panel considered their decision.

It was confirmed that the Panel could either assent, assent with conditions or dissent. The HSE would make the final decision on granting the licence and would decide whether to attach any of the conditions that were recommended by the Panel.

The Panel was still concerned about the storage of damaged stock and the lack of a works method statement.

Messrs Bolam, Simes and Heaney rejoined the meeting to answer further questions.

It was explained by Mr Simes and confirmed by Bridgette Boucher that it would not be possible to have a condition that the Panel consider the work method statement prior to giving assent. Mr Bolam was prepared to supply a copy of the statement to the Fire and Rescue Service and HSE for information as soon as it was available.

The Panel was reminded that is was their responsibility only to inform the HSE of any local issues that could affect the application.

Messrs Bolam, Simes and Heaney left the meeting whilst the Panel again considered their decision.

The Panel felt minded to assent with the condition that a 2 metre separation gap between each container be made and that an additional appropriate storage container be provided to store damaged stock. The Panel would also request that a copy of the statement to the Fire and Rescue Service and HSE for information as soon as it was available.

All parties returned to the meeting and were informed of the intimation.

THAT assent be given to an application for the establishment of an explosives magazine at Bury Court Farm, Redmarley, Gloucestershire with 2 conditions – A 2 metre gap between containers and the provision of a separate container for damaged fireworks. (wording to be prepared and agreed by the Panel and attached to the signed copy of the minutes).

Meeting ended 4pm