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GCHQ area residents parking scheme

We the undersigned petition the council to introduce a resident permit parking scheme in the area delineated by the A40, Fiddler’s Green Lane, Marsland Road and Princess Elizabeth Way.

Residents often find it hard to find a place close to their home to park their cars in the vicinity of GCHQ. Recently a resident permit based parking scheme has been introduced around Cheltenham Spa railway station. This has had a beneficial impact on the neighbourhood.

This ePetition ran from 18/05/2018 to 29/06/2018 and has now finished.

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Council response

Philip Williams, Lead Commissioner: Community Infrastructure, has provided the following response:

'Parking concerns around GCHQ in the Benhall area of Cheltenham have been raised previously with GCC.

In response to these requests GCC officers have met with relevant stakeholders to discuss residents’ concerns. A walk around the area was also conducted, which was attended by both County Council officers and local residents. On each occasion, it was felt that due to the ample available off street parking facilities for the local residents, a permit scheme would not be appropriate. Currently, it seems the minority of local residents have requested for a permit scheme to be put in place, however, we are yet to establish confidence that any resident will purchase a permit. Without the purchasing of permits the scheme proposals and reason for implementation, as set out in legislation, become inappropriate.

Due to vehicles observed parking near to junctions, it may be more appropriate to propose yellow lines in these areas to improve road safety and traffic flow. There is currently a lack of evidence of a safety concern at present and no budget available for such a scheme. I would suggest that any further concerns you have regarding parking around this area may be raised with your local county councillor.

GCC are constantly monitoring the impact of both new and existing parking schemes. GCC are open to discuss parking concerns with GCHQ to suggest possible solutions to improve the parking for local residents, such as study GCHQ’s travel plan to encourage their employees to use alternative methods of sustainable transport to travel to work'.