Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Schedule of Proposed Disposals ref: 136309/10/201917/10/20190
South West Sub-Regional Residential Dynamic Purchasing System ref: 135909/10/201917/10/20190
Establishment and construction of a new 75 place special school for children and young people (aged 11-16) with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs ref: 136109/10/201917/10/20190
Public Health Nursing Service ref: 135809/10/201917/10/20190
Adoption of a Waste Tipping Away Policy ref: 136009/10/201917/10/20190
Recommendation to Council: Youth Justice Management Plan ref: 135509/10/201917/10/20190
Producing the Council Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-21 ref: 135709/10/201917/10/20190
Financial Monitoring Report ref: 135609/10/201917/10/20190
Proposed re-location of Stonehouse Library to Stonehouse Town Council Building ref: 135307/10/201915/10/20190
Civil Parking Debt Enforcement Contract ref: 135407/10/201915/10/20190