Title Date Effective from Call-ins
School Standards and Performance ref: 115318/07/201818/07/2018Not for call-in
Highways Asset Management and Code of Practice ref: 115218/07/201826/07/20180
Procurement of the new carers contracts ref: 115118/07/201826/07/20180
Tender and award a contract to deliver Gloucestershire Welfare Support Scheme ref: 115018/07/201826/07/20180
To consider the future of selected care homes in Gloucestershire and the relevant consultation ref: 114918/07/201826/07/20180
Energy Procurement (Gloucestershire County Council Estate and Schools) ref: 114818/07/201826/07/20180
Tender and Award of Transport Contracts under the Dynamic Purchasing System for Transport ref: 114718/07/201826/07/20180
Capital Funding for Gloucester Canal Towpath ref: 114618/07/201826/07/20180
The Procurement of Framework Agreements for the Provision of Management and Property Related Services ref: 114518/07/201826/07/20180
Financial Monitoring Report: 2018-19 ref: 114418/07/201826/07/20180
Council Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy (2019-20 to 2021-22) ref: 114318/07/201826/07/20180