Forthcoming Executive Decisions

Forthcoming Executive Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Extension of Contracts for Community and Accommodation Based Support Services11/12/2018For DeterminationBetween 09/01/2019 and 17/01/2019
Redevelopment of Quayside Area20/11/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Asset Management Plan 2019-202415/11/2018For Determination30/01/2019
Lydney Cycling Improvements – Contract Procurement and Ancillary Orders15/11/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Children & Families Capital Programme 2018/19 Update08/11/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Corporate Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy (For Publication and Consultation)08/11/2018For Determination04/12/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (Dec 2019)08/11/2018For Determination04/12/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (Nov 2019)08/11/2018For Determination13/11/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (October 2019)08/11/2018For Determination19/06/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (July 2019)08/11/2018For Determination24/07/2019
Producing the Council Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-2108/11/2018For Determination24/07/2019
Revenue and Capital Expenditure Outturn Report 2018/1908/11/2018For Determination19/06/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (April 2019)08/11/2018For Determination24/04/2019
Government Emissions Reduction Pledge08/11/2018For Determination19/12/2018
West Cheltenham Transport Improvement Schemes - UK Cyber Business Park08/11/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Medium Term Financial Strategy and Corporate Strategy 2019-20 to 2020-21 Onwards07/11/2018For Determination30/01/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (Jan 2019)07/11/2018For Determination30/01/2019
Gloucestershire School Standards & Performance26/10/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Review of Pay and Display Charges on Street and in County Council owned car parks25/10/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Review and Re-tender of the Bed-based Care Pre-Placement Contract10/09/2018For Determination30/01/2019
High Needs – Proposed new arrangement for helping children and young people with additional needs to learn and succeed30/08/2018For Determination30/01/2019
Draft Gloucestershire School Places Strategy 2018 - 202323/07/2018For Determination19/12/2018
Sufficiency Strategy - Children's Services15/02/2018For Determination30/01/2019
Corporate Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy (For Publication and Consultation)18/12/2017For Determination19/12/2018
Financial Monitoring Report 2018-19 (December 2018)18/12/2017For Determination19/12/2018