Forthcoming Executive Decisions

Forthcoming Executive Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Community Library Grant Funding Beyond 1st April 202112/06/2019For DeterminationBetween 20/06/2019 and 28/06/2019
Enhanced Independence Offer – Reablement Services21/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Commissioning for Residential and Nursing Care Home Provision in Gloucestershire21/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
To consider the future provision of care homes in Gloucestershire and the relevant consultation21/05/2019For Determination24/07/2019
A4173 Safer Roads Fund; Pitchcombe Junction Improvement Scheme – contract procurement and ancillary orders21/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Extension of Public Health Enhanced Services (PHES) Contracts to General Practices20/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Gloucestershire Child Safeguarding Arrangements: Working Together (2018)20/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Gloucestershire Health & Social Care Framework 2020-420/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Mobile Library Service Strategy20/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Food Waste Collection and Delivery Agreements15/05/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Procurement and award of contracts for the bulking, haulage and treatment of garden waste26/03/2019For Determination19/06/2019
Community and Adult Skills Programmes 2019-202026/03/2019For Determination24/04/2019
Children and Families Capital Programme Update26/03/2019For Determination24/04/2019
Implementation to develop a semi-independent project as part of Gloucestershire’s Sufficiency Strategy26/03/2019For Determination24/04/2019
Adoption of a Waste Tipping Away Policy03/01/2019For Determination09/10/2019
Third Party Recycling Credits Consultation14/12/2018For DeterminationBetween 25/02/2019 and 29/03/2019
Asset Management Plan 2019-202415/11/2018For Determination24/04/2019
Corporate Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy (For Publication and Consultation)08/11/2018For Determination04/12/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (Dec 2019)08/11/2018For Determination04/12/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (Nov 2019)08/11/2018For Determination13/11/2019
Financial Monitoring Report (July 2019)08/11/2018For Determination24/07/2019
Producing the Council Strategy and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-2108/11/2018For Determination09/10/2019
Revenue and Capital Expenditure Outturn Report 2018/1908/11/2018For Determination19/06/2019