Forthcoming Executive Decisions

Forthcoming Executive Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Proposed extension to the Premises Cleaning Contract03/03/2017For DeterminationBetween 03/04/2017 and 28/04/2017
Inclusion of provisions for the submission of variant bids in the procurement process for the award of the contract for Traffic Signals Maintenance Services 2017.28/02/2017For DeterminationBetween 29/03/2017 and 28/04/2017
Stroud Water Navigation Canal Restoration28/02/2017For Determination29/03/2017
Integrated ICT System across Children and Adult Services28/02/2017For Determination07/06/2017
Skills Funding Agency Contract 2017-201824/02/2017For Determination29/03/2017
Adoption West - Agreement to become part of a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA)22/02/2017For Determination29/03/2017
Strategic Performance Monitoring Report 2017/18 - Quarter 117/02/2017For Determination27/09/2017
Strategic Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17 - Quarter 417/02/2017For Determination07/06/2017
Procurement of a replacement card payment solution16/02/2017For DeterminationBetween 30/03/2017 and 07/04/2017
Strategic Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17 - Quarter 308/02/2017For Determination29/03/2017
Financial Monitoring Report 2016/17 (March 2017)30/12/2016For Determination29/03/2017
Revenue and Capital Expenditure 2016/1722/12/2016For Determination07/06/2017
Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) – 2018/19 to 2020/21 (December 2017)22/12/2016For Determination13/12/2017
Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) – 2018/19 to 2020/21 (July 2017)22/12/2016For Determination19/07/2017
Financial Monitoring Report 2017/18 (December 2017)22/12/2016For Determination13/12/2017
Financial Monitoring Report 2017/18 (November 2017)22/12/2016For Determination15/11/2017
Financial Monitoring Report 2017/18 (September 2017)22/12/2016For Determination27/09/2017
Financial Monitoring Report 2017/18 (July 2017)22/12/2016For Determination19/07/2017