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Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The committee to receive a presentation.


56.1     The committee received a detailed presentation from the Accountable Officer, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). (The presentation slides were uploaded to the council website and included in the minute book for information.)


56.2     The committee was pleased to be able to discuss this plan with both the commissioners and providers of health and social care services in Gloucestershire. There was agreement across the committee that this was an exciting plan building on and developing work that was already in place and/or planned. Members agreed that this plan would be challenging for all partners, not least in its drive to deliver a consistent approach to services across all organisations; this alone meant a significant challenge in terms of workplace culture and a shared language. It was also important to place this within the context of 100% of people would use health services, but only 3 to 4% would meet the criteria for social care.


56.3     It was agreed that it was very positive that prevention (Public Health) was embedded within the plan; although there were concerns with regard to the level of funding available for Public Health.


56.4     Members agreed that we lived in an online culture where people could have access 24/7 to social and business media and could shop and receive goods within a 24 hour period; and that there was a growing expectation that access to health and social care should be the same. Managing expectations, and effectively communicating with members of the public, would be key challenges going forward.


56.5     The committee was informed that the underlying detail on possible service change proposals would come forward later in 2017. The Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) was currently leading on an engagement exercise to inform and engage with the public, and members were informed that information on the engagement events were available alongside the STP at


56.6     The committee was clear that it intended to follow the progress and implementation of this plan and as per regulations would be a statutory part of any consultation on substantial service change proposals. Members were reminded that Urgent Care would be part of the committee’s debate on the council motion relating to A and E waiting times on 15 December 2016. The committee was informed that it was anticipated that consultation on the urgent care system model would begin in summer 2017.


56.7     The committee agreed that it would be important to have a clear understanding of the Estates Strategy. People were very attached to their local facilities and would feel concerned if they felt that there was any uncertainty about their future. The GCCG informed members that they were happy to pick up and work through any concerns. It was also stated, for information, that there were no plans relating to maternity services in the STP at present.


56.8     The committee heard from each of the provider organisations and the Cabinet Member  for Older People. There was agreement across these organisations that the STP was a positive way forward for Gloucestershire. This was about getting the right services in the right place for patients; using the Gloucestershire pound effectively for the benefit of the people of Gloucestershire.

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